Sorry Bec

I’ve been thinking about why I haven’t been writing these past few months. It’s not like I haven’t been doing or feeling or thinking anything. I have. But a lot of it is private and painful and weird and boring. I wish, like Eden, I could write easily (possibly/probably she doesn’t do it easily at all) about the private and painful but it gets stuck in my throat and won’t come out properly. At least not without the potential of hurting me and/or others.

So all this personal and private and painful stuff gets PM’d to my friend Bec late at night or early in the morning. Poor thing, how she copes with my stupid ranting is beyond me. She deserves a medal and one of these days I’ll get one minted for her.

This morning I was thinking maybe I can’t share (all of the) private and painful stuff but maybe I can share more of the weird and boring stuff. I like weird and boring on other people’s blogs so that’s the way to go.

You have been warned.

One thought on “Sorry Bec

  1. I’d be happy to read your weird and boring! Weird/boring DKG is better than no DKG at all. And that is a fact.

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