Bollocks, She Wrote

I’ve been itching to write again but felt paralyzed by indecision. What to write about? I couldn’t think of anything I know anything about. Relationships? Parenting? I know more about Astro physics than either of those things.

I know nothing about housekeeping, gardening or car maintenance. I can follow a recipe but certainly not write one. My political expertise is limited to hating conservative asshats and making snide remarks on Facebook.

So I guess it leaves me just writing bollocks and nonsense. Both fields of intellectual pursuit I’m quite comfortable amongst.

Right now I’m rediscovering what I’m about, what makes me happy or at least fulfilled in this world and ways I can do something about the deficits I can see. You could say “I’ve been to paradise but I’ve never been to me”. I’d prefer if you didn’t say that though and certainly please don’t sing it.

DKG is writing again mofos.