Thinking about someone who isn’t thinking about you

Probably the worst thing about a failed relationship (and I’ve clocked up two in twelve months so I speak with some authority) is the amount of time I spend thinking about the person who is no longer thinking about me.

I hate it. So much. But my brain just won’t stop turning over the problem, like a Rubik’s cube that won’t be solved. It is obviously an exercise in frustration and eventually even my silly brain will run out of enthusiasm for the task but in the meantime I’m seriously giving myself the shits.

There is nothing coherent about my thoughts. They swing from anger at myself for what was, in hindsight, an exercise in flogging a dead horse to sadness for the futility of throwing away a relationship with much promise. I think about the good times and my daydreams for the future. I smile to myself about the little in jokes we shared.

I waste so much emotional energy thinking about someone who isn’t thinking about me.

Can someone invent an app to fix that?