Crump-ust #18

Some of you may have noticed that I have missed Crump-est #9-17… if you haven’t noticed then please carry on as if nothing’s happened… well nothing did happen. Sorry, am I confusing you? You see it was the weekend and I fully planned to catch up and then Robin Williams happened and to be honest I fell into a big pool of sad at that point and didn’t have the heart.

It’s all very well to drool over a fantasy man’s chiselled abs or some other admirable physical characteristic but for me the persona Robin Williams projected was of a man with an incredibly deep well of emotion and compassion. He wasn’t just a funny man. Lots of people have said great things about him and I can’t add anything useful to that. All I know is he was special and I will miss his presence in this world very deeply and I am very grateful for the catalogue of memories he leaves us with (and I will even forgive him for What Dreams May Come).

Anyway, life is for the living and thus I resume Crump-est… I’m sure Robin would have wanted it that way. As a nod to my love of comedy I nominate someone I consider a bit of a comedy god and a very smart and talented one at that.

#18 (9) Tim Minchin


I would argue that a man’s brain is sexier than his body* (*generally speaking and with many notable exceptions) and while I find Tim reasonably attractive (given that he’s prone to wearing eyeliner and no shoes) his brain is truly orgasmic. I would do his brain in an instant (if such a thing was physically possible, which obviously it isn’t… it’d be pretty gross if it was)… anyway… my point is his brain his huge and it’s smart and cheeky and brilliant and I loves him.

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