Crump-ust #8

(Playing catch up today since I missed yesterday’s post.)

Today’s entry is unsual in that it’s a sporting man and I generally do not like sport. But I do LOVE AFL and in particular my team the Sydney Swans. I’m possibly a little on the obsessive side when it comes to my Swannies. It started as a joke of sorts but has grown into something more “serious”… my Swans’ boyfriend. It’s a bit of a tradition… starting with my perv of choice going back to the 90s – Dale Lewis. Ever since I have picked a “favourite” when the previous one retires or, worse, changes clubs (no one mention Jesse White going to – SHOCK HORROR – Collingwood this year).

Ryan O’Keefe has been my favourite for some years now… probably taking the spot not long after he started in 2000. Anyway, he is definitely a bit white bread pretty for my tastes and not a single tattoo but he’s cute, seems nice, is into food (appeared on the first Celebrity Masterchef) and has been a wonderfully tenacious player for my Swannies for many years.



Nothing to see here... move along...

Nothing to see here… move along…

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