Crump-ust: #5

So I’m going to come right out of left field here… I was compiling a working list of man candy candidates and realised 31 days is a quite a lot which means I can indulge my fully eclectic tastes. I started off with four straight out of my Top 10 but now I’m going to take a meander down Wasn’t Expecting That Lane. (Keep your comments about my weirdness polite thank you.)

#5 Harvey Keitel

A fine example of the rugged man. He may have started off on the pretty side as a young man but he’s aged wonderfully and my particular fetish is for him in The Piano. What a wonderfully sensual film; amazing. The first photo set is obviously quite recent and he looks hawt (to borrow a Mumabulous term). The other two are obviously from The Piano where he had me absolutely mesmerised.




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