Date Night: City and Colour

Last night The Joker and DKG had a much needed date night. Having an entertainer for a boyfriend means nights out are not very regular, being that he is often working on Friday and Saturday evenings, the most common nights for a date night.

We started with dinner at Pony Dining at The Rocks which is yet another restaurant where they’ve gone for style over substance in terms of decor. The place looks great and has a cool ambience, however… all hard surfaces makes for difficult conversation and terrible accoustics. Long tables for two placed close together to other tables means you are sitting closer to the person at the tables on your left and right than you are to your dining partner. Not ideal. Especially when your neighbours are loud Americans who are rude to the waiting staff and generally feel that everyone in the restaurant wants to know their business.

Food at Pony Dining is very good though. No complaints there. They grill well here and the place smells of the gorgeous smoke and the food tastes of it, which I guess is what you’d expect. My salmon was cooked beautifully, as was The Joker’s pork chop. My favourite thing was probably the eggplant side which, fortunately or unfortunately, kept revisiting me all evening. If I’m going to voice a tiny complaint it would be about the cocktails. We shared a jug of Polish Mule, which was vodka, some other grog, lime and ginger beer… and ICE, lots and lots of ice. It was delish and refreshing but don’t take the piss by offering a jug of cocktails (a jug the size of a small vase, not a jug by any normal standards) and then half filling it with ice. We know what you’re doing and you know that we know… so just stop it.

Anyway, dinner a reasonable success we waddled over to the ever gorgeous Sydney Opera House for the main event – City and Colour. Or more accurately City and Colour without the City or the Colour. Basically just Dallas Green. I don’t know much about this man and/or his band; this was The Joker’s choice and a fine choice. Mr Green is visually your garden variety hipster. You wouldn’t look at him twice if he passed you on King Street or sat next to you at a cafe sipping his chai latte in his ironic plaid shirt.

What sets him apart is his voice. Wow. Like Antony Hegarty, the effect when Dallas Green opens his mouth is amazing. It’s hard to believe that voice is coming out of that human. A falsetto that chills to the bones. Truly beautiful.

The standouts for me were his stunning version of Pink’s Try; the lyric with the pared back guitar and vocal – holy cow! And The Girl which I just love; simply a beautiful love song.

It was a bit much of the same thing if I’m honest but his beautiful voice and guitar playing had me mesmerised. As did the freaks in the crowd; especially the girl/s who seemed to think it was ok to constantly call out dumb shit. Shut up dickheads, we’re not here to listen to you.

One of the best things about a concert at the Opera House is the walk back to the car along the water, past Circular Quay. It always leaves me loving my home town just a little bit more and grateful for my life. It was a wonderful evening and, as ever, I’m thankful to The Joker for opening up my musical experiences.

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