Is Fun. Is good. OK?

It is possible that it is illegal for someone my age to like Fun. They are a cool/hot/sick [can someone under 30 please insert appropriate word meaning “good”?] band upon whom I have recently stumbled. I am always late in embracing the latest music sensation.

I’m not a broadstroke new music hater like Big Jay. In his opinion if it was made in the current millennium it is bad, with few exceptions. I like to give new music a try before I poo poo it. Since I no longer listen to young people’s radio stations like Triple J I don’t have regular opportunities to taste new releases.

Via the children I get exposed to their musical obsessions du jour. While Miss M’s love of Taylor Swift and Pink sits nicely with me, Will’s interest in hip hop is leaving me very cold (why so many “bitch” and “ho” references Snoop?).

So, like in this case, my love of Fun has come from an obtuse angle. I started reading about my girl crush Lena Dunham’s boyfriend, the guitarist from the band Fun. Of course I had never heard of Fun but mentioned my interest to a friend who said “oh yeah, they’re great”. All of a sudden I kept stumbling upon references to them online, in magazines, everywhere. I needed to have Fun. in my life.

Having never heard a single song of theirs I downloaded the album “Some Nights” (which was released like 15 months ago) and now I love it to death. It makes me happy. Possibly it’s hipster music which scares me a little because hipsters are kind of scary, no? But I like it so much.

Thank you Lena for “Girls” and now for Fun. Please don’t dob me into the hipster police.

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