Warm Bodies

What’s not to love about a zombie rom com. Zombies and romantic comedy are a marriage made in heaven; why someone hasn’t thought of this before is beyond me.

Skeptical? Well don’t be. It works. A good script can work miracles and it does in the case of the sweet, funny, entertaining “Warm Bodies”.

I was hooked the moment I read about it months ago (I’m still deeply perturbed by why us Aussies need to wait months to see international releases on our screens; surely the reels don’t come on slow ships anymore…no wonder pirated downloads are the norm rather than the exception these days). Where was I?

A lovely simple premise: the Romeo and Juliet scenario, in fact the characters are called R and Julie, with added zombies. Who could ask for more?

Yes it goes a little off the mark in the second half. One must suspend belief and accept the lack of logic (ok, ok I still look for the logic, even in zombie movies) to go for the ride. But the sheer brilliance of the first 20 minutes makes it worth the price of admission.

Sweet performances from the surprisingly hot Nicholas Hoult, who you may remember as the little boy in “About A Boy”, and Aussie Teresa Palmer. Unnecessary appearance by John Malcovich. For me the surprising star was Rob Corddry as M.

This is a fun and funny little film you can enjoy with your teens (or your partner, if your partner isn’t a killjoy zombie hater….but I’m not bitter…move along, nothing to see here).

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