It lives

On 24 June 2005 I dipped my toe into the new and slightly mysterious blogging world. After reading a very funny, moving blog I was inspired to put my own weird and wonderful thoughts out into the cyber world…and The Adventures of Deep Kick Girl Down Under was born. The 899th entry appeared almost exactly a year ago. I didn’t really lose interest and I didn’t stop having an opinion, I just kept meaning to get back to it “one day”. One day just never came. Until today. Deep Kick Girl lives and she’s going to be better, faster, stronger and just bloody well more fabulous than ever. More opinions, more crazy rants, more photos of food which will never appear in a Weight Watchers cookbook, generally more drivel of the kind you’ve known and loved in the past. But now with a little added motivation because, damn it, I love to write and no amount of work, child taxi duties and thankless school-related martyr activities fulfill me in the same way as writing. You might ask what prompted this re-birth. An opportunity which I like to think of as my first “paid” writing job. OK, I’m not actually being paid in cash or any other legal tender but, even better, I am being paid in food and experience. In two weeks’ time I, along with a few other bloggers and writers, am being flown to Kangaroo Island for the KI Feastival (aka the Kangaroo Island Food and Wine Festival). Two days of eating, drinking, sightseeing and generally soaking in the unique beauty and culinary abundance of this amazing Australian holiday spot. What a lucky little Deep Kick Girl am I? So welcome to the new, probably not improved, Deep Kick Girl. I hope you will join me for the next chapter.

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