Crump-ust: #1-4

One of my favourite blogs is Mum-abulous. She always makes me laugh. Nice to come across a blogger as shallow as me.

However, she has proclaimed August – Bore-gust – and has decided to not post any of the usual man candy she likes to tantalise us readers with on a regular basis. I’m not sure how this will help humanity my dear Mubabulous but I’m sure there’s some method to your madness. When I complained she laid down the challenge for me to take up the slack and well, a challenge is a challenge…

Since I’m starting on the 4th of the month I am playing catch up. So may I present to you four examples of man candy I personally find delicious.

#1 Anthony Kiedis


What can I say about AK? I’ve loved him and RHCP for over 20 years. I’ve shaken his hand and looked into his eyes and as naff as it sounds he lives in my heart. Oh and he looks mighty fine without a shirt on.

#2 John Cusack

John C 2

Say Anything is my all time favourite movie. Lloyd Dobler my all time favourite character. John Cusack, the man, is probably noone I’d like to hang out with in real life but if he promised not to speak I’d do him in a millisecond.

#3 Ryan Gosling

Ryan G

Too easy. Who would not want to lick that? Yes, he’s a bit white bread for me, generally speaking, but he is a nice looking young man by anyone’s standards (there I go sounding like a grandma).

#4 Joe Manganiello

Joe M

Do I actually have to write anything here? I think not. Hottest werewolf I’ve ever seen and the sole reason I went to see Magic Mike. Is it getting hot in here?

I think I’m going to enjoy August. Come back tomorrow for the next installment.